20 Best Black Friday Mattress Deals 2021 to Shop Right Now

Good news: some of the best Black Friday mattress deals 2021 has to offer are already live and in full effect. The road to better sleep is paved with plenty of things (like a proper nighttime routine, for one) but primary among ’em should be selecting a perfect bed from the best of the selection available via the worldwide web. Because we’ve spent countless nights testing mattresses—and lately, plenty of days combing the mattress internet—we’ve found the perfect combination of the two. Yes, a bunch of our favorite mattresses and top-rated cheap mattresses are available for less dinero than usual. That’s a boon for your aching back, groggy brain, and checking account. Below, you’ll find all the best Black Friday mattress deals 2021 has in store. Sweet dreams.

Helix Midnight Luxe Hybrid mattress (was $1949, now 10% off with code “BFSALE200”)

GQ staffers’ all-around favorite mattress is included in Helix’s early access Black Friday sale. In anticipation of the holiday season, Helix is knocking $200 off the Luxe Hybrid—and including a set of the company’s dream pillows for free—if you use the code “BFSALE200″ at checkout. The company’s cheaper mattresses are also on sale, but they don’t come with as big of a discount.

Tuft & Needle Original mattress (was $895, now 15% off)

Tuft and Needle is taking 15% off its Original mattress, one of the best we’ve tested in its price range—no promo code necessary. 

Leesa’s holiday season sale hasn’t kicked off yet (it’s early November, after all), but we’ll keep you updated when it does. You’ll have to wait a little bit longer to snag one of the brand’s mattresses on sale, but rest assured the discounts are coming. 

Allswell The Brick mattress

Allswell’s Black Friday promotion isn’t live yet either, but once it is best to act fast. The brand’s Brick mattress is a firmer option for back sleepers with just enough plushness to avoid the “sleeping on the floor” feeling—and with all the flotation a back sleeper needs to avoid feeling like they’re folding in half.

Casper “Wave” mattress (was $2695, now 15% off with code “BXEC02-7890”)

Casper’s mattresses are almost always on sale, and this week is no exception. Use promo code “BXEC02-7890” to take 15% off your next mattress order, and 10% off anything else. After our most recent round of 2021 testing, the Wave remains our pick for best supportive mattress. The Element is our new favorite under $600 option.

Awara Hybrid mattress (was $1799, now 11% off)

Awara’s Hybrid mattress is one of the best supportive mattresses we’ve tested. The company’s mattresses are relatively simple, without the different sleep zones you’d get from something like the Casper Wave. The result is a mattress that’s a bit more cloud-like—“soft, yet sturdy,” said one tester. The company’s current promotion drops the price of a queen-sized mattress by $200 and sweetens the pot with $500 worth of other bedding gear. Plus, the company says they’ll plant 10 trees with every mattress purchased. Pretty good!

Avocado Latex mattress (was $2199, now 7% off with code “ORGANIC”)

The Avocado mattress comes with a sophisticated design compared to other “organic” mattresses. The mattress isn’t quite as supportive as something like the Casper Wave or Leesa Legend, but it provides plenty of density for more sleepers to rest comfortably. This weekend, you get $150 off with the code “ORGANIC.”

Birch Natural mattress (was $1699, now 24% off with code “BFSALE400”)

Birch’s mattresses are designed and sold by Helix, but with a focus on using more natural materials. They’re great for anyone who wants a plush mattress made with somewhat more eco-friendly materials. Right now the company is offering the mattress for $400 less than usual in its Black Friday sale, with code “BFSALE400.” Plus two free pillows!

Purple mattress (was $1299, now 12% off)

Right now, Purple is taking  $150 off its signature memory foam mattress. If you dig the feel of typical memory foam options, but want to sink in a tad less, you’ll like Purple’s selection.

Brooklyn Bedding “Plank” mattress (was $1274, now 24% off with code “VETERANS25”)


Brooklyn Bedding

All of Brooklyn Bedding’s relatively cheap mattress and bedding are on sale for 25% off with code “VETERANS25”. We’ve tested and like the company’s extremely firm “Plank” mattress. That mattress is not for everyone, but if you’ve embraced basically sleeping on concrete, this is the mattress for you.

Cocoon by Sealy chill memory foam mattress (was $1239, now 35% off)


Cocoon by Sealy

This mattress is made with hot sleepers in mind, featuring a stretch-knit cover that pulls away heat. Through tomorrow, the Cocoon is currently 35% off and comes with a set of pillows and sheets.

DreamCloud hybrid mattress (was $1199, now 17% off)

We haven’t tested this mattress ourselves yet, but most reviewers say that DreamCloud’s mattresses are decent, especially if you want something with a super plush top. In addition to a $200 discount on the mattress, buying during the sale will get you a free mattress protector, sheet set, and a pair of pillows.

Nest Bedding “Sparrow” hybrid mattress (was $1699, now 20% off)

We haven’t tested Nest Bedding’s mattresses either, but other online reviews generally rate them well, and a bunch of them are 20% off during its fall sale. The Sparrow is a medium-firm hybrid mattress that’s pretty supportive, so you shouldn’t sink too far into it. It’s best for combo sleepers that switch sleeping position through the night.

Layla Sleep Hybrid mattress (was $1699, now 12% off)

Layla Sleep is (mercifully) offering discounts without codes for its Black Friday sale. The company’s Hybrid mattress is $200 off, and comes with two free memory foam pillows. You can also catch some dreamy savings on other bedside accoutrements like Layla’s kapok and memory foam pillows as well as its bamboo bed sheets.

Amerisleep AS3 mattress (was $1699, now 18% off with code “AS300”)

Amerisleep’s mattresses are all 18% off through tomorrow if you use code “AS300″. We haven’t tested any of their mattresses, but nearly all reviews say they run on the firm side. If that’s what you like, more power to you.

Zoma mattress (was $949, now 16% off)

Zoma’s four-layered mattresses are made specifically for athletes, and designed with “recovery” in mind. This might not actually mean very much, but it does give the brand cover to bestow each layer of the mattress with a wacky sneaker-tech-esque name. (Triangulex™, Reactiv™, SUPPORT+, etc.) Reviews of the mattress are generally positive, especially from side-sleepers who weigh less than 200 pounds. Both the company’s all-foam mattress and hybrid mattresses are $150 off.

Saatva classic mattress (was $1595, now 13% off)

We haven’t tested Saatva’s hybrid mattresses, but reviews seem to indicate they have an extremely luxurious feel. The Classic mattress is medium firm with a thick top that you’ll sink into a good bit, making it more for front and side sleepers. Right now, the company is giving you up to $300 off anytime you spend over $1,000—no code necessary.

Nolah Signature 12 mattress (Was $1599, now 19% off)


Nolah Mattress

We’ve never slept on a Nolah, but this upgraded version of their basic mattress comes with options: one side is softer, for side- and front-sleepers; the other is firmer for back sleepers. It’s not like you’re going to flip your mattress regularly to take advantage—you’re probably one or the other. But the something-for-everyone concept means you’ll likely get what you need from the Nolah, and this weekend, you’ll get it for $300 cheaper than normal, no code needed.

Vaya Hybrid (Was $999, now 30% off with code “VAYA300”)

Vaya’s hybrid mattress combines the brand’s pressure-relieving foam with a welcome touch of bounce. Right now, all of its mattresses are $300 off using code “VAYA300”.

Bear Hybrid mattress (was $1695, now 25% off with code “EARLYBIRD”)


Bear Mattress

Bear’s another mattress brand we have’t gotten around to testing yet (they’re cropping up like mushrooms these days), but its Hybrid mattress—a certified clean, Made in the U.S. option—is currently 25% off in celebration of the imminent festivities. The brand is also throwing in two of its cloud pillows and one sheet set to sweeten the pot.

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