2021 LMB Gift Guide: Holiday Hosting Gifts

I can never go into someone’s home without bringing a small cozy gift. Whether it’s a thanksgiving or Christmas event, book club, or a bible study, bringing a cozy holiday hosting gift along during this time can be super thoughtful. Inviting people into your home during the holiday season can be really stressful and tension-filled, but bringing a gift as a thank you is just a small something that can mean so much. Today I am sharing some Holiday Hosting Gift ideas for if you are attending a home during Thanksgiving or Christmas or any time in between.

I like to make my hosting gift as easy as possible for the host or hostess. If I decide to bring an arrangement of flowers from our yard, I make sure to put them arranged in a vase with water so that the host doesn’t need to worry about doing that. If I bring a candle, I make sure to pre-cut the wick so it is easy to light whenever ready. A hosting gift shouldn’t require much work for the host.

To shop all of my Holiday Hosting Gifts, Click the images below:

For more gifts and holiday inspiration, click here [HERE].

I hope this gift guide helps spark some ideas for your holiday hosting gifts! Do you have a go-to hosting gift when you are visiting another home during the holiday season? I would love to hear what you offer. Let me know on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day.

xx Liz Marie

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