5G RF transceiver offers multiband coverage

IceWings, a quad-channel RF transceiver from SiTune, supports all 5G/4G bands operating from 600 MHz up to 7.2 GHz. For added design flexibility and scalability, it also covers WiFi 6/6e/7 frequencies and bands. SiTune is sampling the 5G RF transceiver silicon, along with reference designs and software, to Tier-1 customers and partners worldwide.

Intended for 5G NR gNodeBs, wireless radio units, small cells, and CPE, IceWings integrates four transmitters and four receivers, along with a wideband low-noise amplifier, PA preamp, and two low-phase-noise fractional synthesizers. The transceiver enables a wide range of TDD and FDD applications, including cellular infrastructure designs, as well as private networks and access points. The new silicon is based on GlobalFoundries’ 22FDX platform, providing solid performance with digital and RF enhancements for 5G sub-7-GHz and mmWave infrastructure.

“IceWings not only supports more than 300-MHz of bandwidth for multicarrier applications in C-band, it’s also the lowest power solution in the market enabling operation in the sweet spot of mid-band in terms of bandwidth and signal range,” says Dr. Marzieh Veyseh, SiTune CTO/CPO. “All frequency bands below 6 GHz, as well as 6 GHz to 7.2 GHz, are supported with excellent wide-bandwidth performance. We have been partnering with GlobalFoundries to fabricate IceWings based on their leading FDSOI solution, and we are currently sampling IceWings to a wide range of enterprise and telco customers.”

IceWings product page


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