7 Items a Former Nordstrom Buyer Thinks Are Wardrobe Staples

Susie Wright recently informed us that she cleaned out her closet during a remodel. As we mentioned here, given her adoration for fashion and her work as a former Nordstrom buyer and current stylist, she has accumulated quite the clothing collection over the years, and we were super intrigued by what she kept in her rotation.

She let us know that she actually ditched about half of her clothes during the process. Over on her blog, So Susie, she highlighted a range of pieces she got rid of, including poorly fitted denim, graphic tees she’s no longer wearing, old swimwear, and dated dresses that she’d been saving “just in case.” That said, as she sorted through everything, she was able to further zero in on the items she’d never toss given that they are staples in her eyes. We thought you might be interested in learning about the pieces Wright believes are tried-and-true wardrobe heroes thanks to their versatile, classic, and modern nature. This is all in addition to the items she previously mentioned.

With that in mind, keep scrolling to check out the pieces Wright will keep in her closet for quite some time, complete with visual and shopping inspiration.

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