8.3-Mpixel sensor delivers high dynamic range

Onsemi’s AR0821CS CMOS digital image sensor features on-chip HDR technology that achieves a dynamic range in excess of 140 dB. The 1/1.7-in. sensor provides 4K video with 8.3-Mpixel resolution at 60 frames/s, while consuming very low power.

Recently integrated into the Basler dart area-scan camera family, the AR0821CS rolling shutter sensor is suitable for commercial, consumer, and industrial applications, even those with challenging lighting conditions. In addition to machine vision cameras, the sensor can be used in scanners/readers, high-end drones, dashboard cameras, and smart building surveillance and security systems.

The AR0821CS employs a 2.1-µm DR-Pix backside-illuminated pixel design that enables high quantum energy. It also offers multiple functions, such as in-pixel binning, scaling, summing, windowing, and context switching. The sensor’s high-quality image data minimizes processing needs, resulting in a faster and more cost-effective camera system.

The AR0821CS image sensor works with Onsemi’s AP1302 imaging coprocessor, as well as SoC devices from Onsemi technology partners. DevSuite software provides an integrated development platform and custom firmware to enable system developers to complete their camera designs with minimal effort.

Now in production, the AR0821CS image sensor is available through local Onsemi sales representatives and authorized distributors.

AR0821CS product page


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