Android – Mailer Daemon by Andrew Bell

In celebration of the spooky season, Andrew Bell has blended monsters with mail and machines for the Android Special Edition – Mailer Daemon mini art toy. While the red daemon (a software program that runs silently in the background) in a blue postal uniform might just be a comment on the state of snail mail service, it is specifically rooted in the mail servers that route (or don’t) email around the Internet.

Andrew Bell gets his geek groove on (this is Android after all) with a ‘pink’ slip missed delivery notice with the ‘Error 550’ code. The tech references continue to the box’s postage label which features user@host as the recipient and mentions ‘Arpanet’, the original name for the Internet dating back to 1971. Mixing virtual and physical, the design also includes removable cap and mail bag accessories.

The Android Special Edition – Mailer Daemon art toy (3.5″) is available from Dead Zebra for $12.00.

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