Audio DSP for wearables is energy-efficient

The Tensilica HiFi 1 DSP from Cadence increases audio/voice processing, while prolonging battery life in wearables and other small devices. HiFi 1’s ultra-low energy consumption extends the duration of voice communication and music playback, allowing always-listening for voice commands with minimal impact to battery life. Both the smallest and lowest-power member of the HiFi DSP IP family, the HiFi 1 is intended for battery-constrained applications like TWS earbuds, hearing aids, smart watches, and Bluetooth headsets.

Compared to the HiFi 3 DSP, the HiFi 1 IP core offers an 11% to 16% smaller design area and 60% to 73% greater cycle and energy efficiency for machine-learning keyword spotting. Further, it is energy- and cycle-optimized for the low complexity communications codec (LC3), which was adopted by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group in 2020, as well as the LC3plus codec. Both of these codecs provide high speech and audio quality, while helping to minimize energy consumption in Bluetooth LE devices.

Based on a VLIW instruction set architecture with two execution units (slots), the HiFi 1 accelerates AI functions with neural network-specific capability. It performs efficient fixed-point DSP operations and offers an optional low-latency vector floating point unit. Additionally, the HiFi 1 is synthesizable over a wide frequency range, enabling dynamic voltage frequency scaling.

The HiFi 1 DSP IP core for always-on sensor fusion, always-listening voice trigger, and Bluetooth/BLE codecs is available now.

HiFi 1 DSP product page

Cadence Design Systems

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