Brighten Up Learning with the Crayola Light-Up Activity Board

Add bright light to their learning with this preschool-friendly drawing board! | Source: Crayola/the Toy Insider

Kids can both play and learn with the Crayola Light-Up Activity Board!

This portable activity board for preschoolers helps work on shape recognition and color mixing in a fun, hands-on way. As they play, they are fostering skills, such as problem-solving and finger dexterity.

The set comes with the Light-Up Activity Board, three washable markers, 22 shape clings, and three “Complete the Scene” Transparency Sheets — one is space-themed, another is an underwater scene, and the third sheet is a train! There are 12 light-up colors that give each creation a different look, letting kids get a sense of color and how it can change a picture.

The other ways kids can play with the board is by constructing pictures with the shape clings. Alternatively, kids can fill in line art on the transparency sheets by matching the shapes or use the washable markers to color the board or the sheets to make their own art. The many ways kids can interact with the board give a lot of play value!

Parents will appreciate that the Crayola washable markers means clean-up is a breeze — and at just 12 inches by 12 inches, the activity board is perfectly portable for travel to take with you to restaurants, instead of using small crayons and paper at the table. Plus, it makes for excellent backseat entertainment in the car or plane. The compartment on the back of the board means that storage is never an issue for the markers and shapes!

There are a lot of ways to play with this activity board! | Source: Crayola

This light-up toy would make a wonderful holiday or birthday gift for kids. Just make sure you gift three AA batteries so they can start playing and learning as soon as they open the box!

All in all, this Light-Up Activity Board lets kids paint a pretty picture for their learning and creativity!

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