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One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions is to create a pretty tablescape to enjoy while we’re preparing the meal and gathering around the table. I did another tablescape with some of these items last week [HERE] & it’s so fun to get two completely different looks while using some of the same items! Typically we like to host a Thanksgiving meal in our home for our family, and while we have had to scale it down a bit in the past couple of years, I am so excited to get back to gathering around the Thanksgiving table this year and meaningfully connect with family. To get you ready for gathering and hosting Thanksgiving this year, I hosted a Thanksgiving Live event with Williams Sonoma! I gathered along with some special guests and friends, including my friend and Co-Shop Owner Abby, Jose filming, and my assistant Taylor helping us read all of your viewer questions. If you were not able to make the Thanksgiving Live, here are some of the tips that we discussed if you missed the live & of course a look at the table I created for the live…

1. Bring in the outdoors!

Bring the outdoors in! This is one of my cozy tips for every season, and Thanksgiving is no exception! Whether it’s faux, real, or a mixture of both. Tonight we are using greenery from my friend Abby’s garden. These are dried florals and I stuck them in this gorgeous vase [linked below]. I didn’t do a great job at this tip, but: Try to keep your florals low for communication & ease in passing, talking, & moving around the table. For the purpose of this live event we didn’t keep our florals low, but keeping your centerpieces low can make contact and communication across the table easier. Of course, with any tip I give, everyone & every situation is different, so make it cozy for you and your home!

2. Prep in advance!

If you don’t need your dining table for prep space or other meals, decorate it the day before so you don’t feel rushed on thanksgiving day. Prep as much as you can in advance from the centerpiece, table settings, linens, utensils, platters, & more. Thanksgiving day is a great excuse to play with linens & patterns so I used these linens I bought from Heather Taylor Home [HERE]. Prepping your space a head of time can help ease through Thanksgiving day & take the stress off your day. Turn on some music and enjoy the cozy moments!

3. Make your table interactive!

While you are gathering and setting up your decor and place cards, think about each person who will be joining and why you are grateful for them. This can spark conversation when everyone is gathered around the table. A fun way to get everyone involved in the conversation is to have place cards or places they can write out what they are thankful for or simply go around when everyone is seated & go around the table have everyone list what they are celebrating this thanksgiving.

4. Consider your guests!

Consider the table for all ages! If you have a lot of kids at the table, consider faux candles instead of real ones. Have items at the kid’s seating that will entertain them like coloring pages or little ramekins of candy. Consider the flow of the day and the space. Does it work to have a “kids table”? Does it work best to have everyone seated together? Do they need special seats like high chairs or boosters?

5. Make it cozy!

Think about the spaces in and around your home. Is there one space in your room that would serve better for gathering than others? For tonight’s live, we actually used our front living room! Don’t be afraid to move furniture and create cozy spaces. Do you live in an environment where gathering a table outside would be an option? A cozy gathering on a patio that is conveniently near a kitchen may be a great environment for everyone to gather.

Bonus Tip!

If you are not hosting, don’t be afraid to offer your assistance. Bring a dessert or side dish, come early to decorate, or stay later to help with cleanup. The coziest part of Thanksgiving is allowing ourselves and our loved ones to be present and taking the time to count our blessings. Abby brought up a great tip tonight and that was to not ask if you can help or bring something, just do it! 9 out of 10 times, your host isn’t going to ask for help, but do it! They will appreciate you!

For more Thanksgiving and Gathering tips, check out my new book Cozy White Cottage Seasons, available now for preorder and on bookshelves everywhere November 23rd.

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Do you host a Thanksgiving meal in your home? Remember if you are hosting, don’t be afraid to ask for help! When everyone contributes not only does it take the burden off of one person, but it allows everyone to share and enjoy their gifts. Thank you all so much for joining us as we talked about Thanksgiving and the importance of gathering. I would love to hear your favorite part of the live! Let’s talk about it on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for coming to the live and for stopping by the blog!

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