Dreamy Vincent Aurora Glitter by Instinctoy x Pop Mart

Drawn from the previously released Relax blindbox series from Instinctoy x Pop Mart comes the new larger Dreamy Vincent Aurora Glitter 9″ vinyl art toy. At first glance, this is a sleepy-eyed figure with a cute ‘snot bubble’ in keeping with the series theme. There’s more to this dino than meets the eye however.

Instinctoy designed the figure with playability and expressivity in mind. Starting with the eyes, Vincent has two swappable sets of eyes: open and closed. And in a Muckey-style design, the figure has an articulated jaw allowing for a range of poses from tense to outright ferocious. As the name suggests, the new Dreamy Vincent is case in the brand’s Aurora Glitter treatment which interacts with light in fun and pleasing ways. Finally, in an unexpected, fruity twist the figure is Mandarin Orange scented.

The Dreamy Vincent Aurora Glitter vinyl art toy (9.06″) is available from Pop Mart for $185.

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