Exclusive: Goliath Acquires Endless Games

Goliath is expanding its global portfolio with the acquisition of Endless Games.

The privately held company adds Endless Games to its family of brands that has consistently grown through company acquisitions, such as the Pressman Toy Co. and Tucker Toys.

“This acquisition provides an endless catalog of great games and puzzles that Goliath will add to its global portfolio,” says Jochanan Golad, CEO, Goliath. “This is Goliath’s fourth North American and eleventh global acquisition in the past seven years as we continue to expand and strengthen our position in the market.”

David Norman, president of Goliath’s North American office, tells the Toy Book that one of the most appealing factors that made Endless Games an acquisition target is the team that founded the company in 1996.

“We really like the people,” Norman says. “We’ve known Kevin [McNulty], Mike [Gasser], and Brian [Turtle] for years and they are wonderful. They have fabulous products, which have appeal to consumers in our global markets.”

According to Norman, Goliath believes that there is untapped potential in the Endless Games lineup that can be enhanced by getting its products in front of a wider audience.

“Our world-class marketing team is looking forward to spreading the news of these great products through TV, digital marketing, social media, and more,” he says. “We believe we can double the sales of Endless Games globally in two years.”

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McNulty agrees, noting that “It feels great to sell our business to a company that excels at marketing to maximize the potential of our products.”

During the transition, Turtle will join Goliath’s management team and Endless will continue to operate out of its New Jersey office this fall, with plans to be fully integrated into Goliath’s distribution network by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

As for the Endless Games product lineup itself, there will be a little shift set to take place in the year ahead.

“The kids’ games will transition to the Goliath brand,” Norman says. “Family and adult titles will remain under the Endless Games brand.”

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