Fisher-Price Reinvents a Classic with the Special Edition Chatter Telephone for Grown Ups

2021 Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone Special Edition | Source: Mattel/The Toy Book

Since 1961, generations of kids have grown up with a very familiar first phone.

It’s a chunky, bulky, white piece of plastic with red, yellow, and blue accents, colorful stickers, and despite numerous technological upgrades, a rotary dial. This is the Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone, and now — for its 60th anniversary — Mattel has reinvented the icon for big kids.

The Special Edition Chatter Telephone is a real, working speakerphone that connects to a mobile device using Bluetooth wireless technology. Big kids can make and receive calls through an icon of childhood, all using their existing grown up phone plan.

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Mattel is calling this a “60G LTE” phone (“60 great years, Let’s Talk Everywhere”) and the company has teamed up with Best Buy as its exclusive retail partner for the launch. There are no apps, no cameras, and no emojis. The phone does work with iOS and Android devices and features free-wheeling action and wobbly eyes.

Best Buy is the exclusive retail partner for the 2021 Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone Special Edition | Source: Mattel

The Special Edition Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone is available while supplies last for just $60.

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