Gallery Wall Paint Color HGTV Tip

Bathrooms are the go-to place for designers and DIYers alike to get creative. It’s a small space with huge potential, and it’s a good room to test out some riskier design options. Speaking of, HGTV star and interior designer Breegan Jane recently revealed in an Instagram post that she discovered through a bathroom redesign the best paint color to serve as a gallery wall backdrop: black.

The black walls, which she calls a “richly-hued” choice, is part of a “properly elevated” design, which includes contrasting penny tile on the floor in black and white. 

While the black hue is gorgeous, it’s the gold and bronze accents contrasting the black that really makes a statement. It serves as the perfect neutral backdrop to the gold-framed photos, with various art work selections. Jane pushes her audience to focus on the small details in what is often a neglected room design-wise, and everything down to the golden tissue holder has been mindfully selected.

Jane answers a long-standing question in her design here: Can you mix metals, like gold and bronze, in the same room? The answer is a resounding yes, with the bronze mirror complementing the gold vanity and a regal statue under the gold toilet paper holder.

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