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Hasbro just officially announced the brand new Black Series Rancor HasLab! We knew about this for months ever since Patrick’s slip of the tongue, but now we have all the details!

Price: $350
Size: 44.45 cm / 17.5 in tall, 30.48 cm / 12 in wide, much more with arms outstretched
Technical details: 45 points of articulation (including fingers) and 900 paint apps

Minimum number of backers is 9,000 by December 6th, more tiers will be made available at 11,000 and 13,500 with tiers 3 and 4 not having any goal lines yet. No stretch goals for any of the tiers have been revealed yet. As of now the Rancor comes without any extra figures, but that will certainly change once the tiers have been unlocked!

You can (if you happen to live in the US, Canada or UK, that is) back your Rancor now! Head over to the HasLab site to order Jabba’s favorite pet!

Hasbro will also partner with retailers in certain select markets to make the Rancor available in other parts of the world. No specifics were given, my guess is that several European core markets may get access to the Rancor.

Will you back the Rancor or ignore the latest Star Wars HasLab?


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