Here’s What To Do With Your Mini Pumpkins From Halloween

Once Halloween is officially over, you’re probably left with a handful of spooky decor and pumpkins from your front porch. While the plastic bats and fake blood can be put away for safekeeping until next season, there may be more use for your mini pumpkins. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and there’s an easy, simple way to transition your decor without even going to the store.

In a recent house tour of his small cottage in East Texas, Samuel Melton showed off his unique and charming design style. He considers his style “Deconstructed Southern modern” with inspiration from folk art and well-worn finds from his journeys. All around his home, you’ll find a personally curated collection of art and knick-knacks that tell a different story from room to room. His sunroom, which doubles as a dining space, has a cool, subtle seasonal decor idea and it’s sitting right on the table.

While reading through Melton’s house tour, I couldn’t help but notice the vase on the table. Typically, a vase in a spot like this would just be filled with a bit of water and some seasonal florals. Instead of flowers, Melton used some simple branches. This gives the table a more warm and welcoming vibe that’s really easy (and free) to replicate. What I really like, though, is the fact that the vase also has mini pumpkins and an apple floating inside!

When you think fall, you probably think about things like pumpkin spice and apple pie. If you’ve already got them laying around your house, then you should really consider plopping in a vase to get extra use out of them. This same little trick translates to other seasons, too. In the spring, you can use lemons and in the summer, try oranges! Either way, this is a fun little centerpiece or shelf decor and it’s practically free. You can thank me, (and Sam Melton) later!

Savannah West

Home Assistant Editor

Savannah is a master binge-watcher and home cook. When she’s not testing new recipes or re-watching Gossip Girl, you can find her on Facetime with her grandma. Savannah is a news producer turned lifestyle blogger and professional homebody. She has a bachelors in journalism from Clark Atlanta University, a certification in Digital Storytelling and is earning her Master’s degree from Harvard University. Savannah believes every day is a good day and there’s nothing good food can’t fix.

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