I Tried Abercrombie & Fitch’s Extended Sized Offerings

While the brand still has a way to go with extending its sizes, it has laid a solid foundation for creating very intentional size extensions rather than hastily grading up from straight sizes. Too often, designers scale up their plus-size options from straight sizes, without redesigning or refitting for consideration actual plus-size bodies.

“Our intention is to make Abercrombie a brand where you don’t just ‘fit in,’ but where you truly belong, and in order to do that, we’re deliberately taking time to study the unique concerns in each category, speak to our customers and associates who wear those sizes, test the fits with multiple body types, and provide solutions for the greatest amount of bodies in those sizes,” explains Robinson of its newer approach.

Abercrombie & Fitch gifted me an assortment of their products in the extended sizing range so I could give my full honest review on how the garments from this new era really stack up. Keep scrolling to see what I thought about various garments across product categories.

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