In-vehicle charger design is Qi 1.3 certified

NXP reports that its automotive wireless charging reference design is the first to be certified by the WPC for its recently announced Qi 1.3 standard. The WCT-15WAUTO13 multi-coil transmitter reference platform consists of a Qi-certified board outfitted with an NXP MWCT2xx3A 15-W transmitter IC, optional NFC transceiver, secure element, and CAN/LIN transceiver.

As demand for faster charging of smart phones and small mobile devices accelerates, Qi 1.3 responds by adding features and updates that make it easier for companies to develop products that are safe to use at higher power levels. Qi 1.3 introduces product authentication as a new safety feature, as well as improvements in compliance testing procedures.

Qi 1.3’s authentication feature enables mobile phones to determine whether a charger is Qi certified and allows the phone to reduce the charging speed when the charger is not known to be Qi certified. The addition of new test cases and the automation of time-consuming portions of the overall testing process simplify the design of interoperable products and reduce the chances of late-state design changes.

The automotive 15-W wireless charging transmitter reference design comes with NXP’s complete wireless charging software library. Users can customize the software based on the requirements of their wireless charging application, including scaling from 5 W to 15 W and above.

WCT-15WAUTO13 product page

NXP Semiconductors 

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