JAWS x The Biggie Fish by Chino Lam x Pop Mart

Chino Lam’s plucky tuna character channels his inner shark with the new JAWS x The Biggie Fish clever crossover vinyl art toy from Pop Mart. Blurring the line between BFFs and prey & predator, the new figure features Lam’s signature character—rocking a JAWS cap— hitching a ride in the mouth of the iconic great white from Steven Speilberg’s quintessential 1975 shark film. Love the menacing expression on The Biggie Fish. From Maguro Senpai to the adorable Jiro, Lam’s tuna is ready for his turn in the spotlight.

The JAWS x The Biggie Fish vinyl art toy (4.72″) is available from Pop Mart’s online store for $90.

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