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San Francisco-based designer 8PM’s signature character is making the jump into the world of art toys with the new JIMMY polystone sculpture. Born in a sketchbook in 2018, the character evolved into the half kraken + half ghoul kid that he is today during the artist’s Twitch live streams.

In order to make the best JIMMY possible, 8PM turned to the pros at Level 42 Studios and their expertise at creating collectibles for leading entertainment brands. The proof is in the pudding or rather the digital sculpt. JIMMY has a fun, approachable presence. Less monstrosity and more cute curiosity, the design blends his sea and land lineage seamlessly in a playful, kid-like manner. His slightly cocked head and oversized tentacles that sprawl clumsily reminds us that all of us, even the undead, experience childhood: from the fascination with everything to the awkward growing pains.

The debut black + tiffany blue design features matching AF1s and freaky hoodie, custom tailored for this most unusual kid. An edition of 200, the JIMMY polystone sculpture is available via the Kickstarter campaign for $150. The campaign to make JIMMY real ends on Wednesday, December 8 at 12:46 AM PST.

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