Kanye West Yeezy Brand Sued Over Alleged Shipping Delays – Footwear News

Kanye West’s Yeezy brand is dealing with another legal situation.

The apparel and footwear brand was recently named a defendant in a lawsuit that concerns shipping delays on products ordered online. The Los Angeles Times reported on the lawsuit, which was reportedly filed on Oct. 22 by the state of California, County of Los Angeles.

According to reports of the civil suit, L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón and other lawyers allege that West’s brand violated a state business code that requires products ordered online to be shipped within 30 days. According to the code, if items are not shipped in that time frame, a company must provide a refund, credit the account, send a written notice of delay, or offer a replacement product of similar quality.

According to the lawsuit, the Yeezy brand failed to give adequate notices of delays and misled consumers regarding shipment timing. According to The Fashion Law, plaintiffs are pushing for unfair competition and false advertising charges and are seeking a sum of monetary damages and an end to the practice.

According to the LA Times, there is no time frame listed for the complaints mentioned in the suit, which means they could have occurred before major supply chain and port congestion problems made delays the norm within retail and other industries.

In recent months, port congestion, factory shutdowns and labor shortages have caused major delays across the global supply chain. Experts predict that these changes could last through 2023. In some cases, the delays are putting certain brands and retailers in jeopardy of missing crucial inventory targets.

Yeezy is no stranger to legal battles. The brand is currently embroiled in an ongoing challenge with Walmart after it filed a suit against the big-box retailer and other third-party sellers for selling shoes that look like Yeezy foam runners. Walmart also filed a notice of opposition with the United States Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, arguing that a registration sought by West’s brand is too similar to its own spark-like logo.

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