Keith Haring Mega Space Molly 1000% by Kenny Wong x Pop Mart

While Molly has been making serious inroads into pop culture with high profile crossover designs, the new Keith Haring Mega Space Molly 1000% art toy by Kenny Wong x Pop Mart is rather unexpected. The eye-catching design featuring a colorful panel-style spacesuit features the legendary NYC artist’s instantly recognizable solid-fill people and animals throughout the design in a concentrated, yet fairly restrained manner. The Haring-people pupils are a really fun touch.

The Keith Haring Molly is ready for whatever she finds in space with multi-colored blaster and working visor which features a three-eyed face–seen briefly in the promo video. Speaking of the video, this one is well worth a watch or two or maybe three. For an art toy spot the animation and NYC-themed design is rather impressive.

An edition of The Keith Haring Mega Space Molly 1000% art toy (70cm, 27.5″) will be available from Pop Mart’s DesignerCon booth #605 (12.2 – 12.14), Pop Mart’s Hong Kong 1st Store starting on the 13th, and from Pop Mart’s olnine store on November 14th at 7 PM PDT. While international pricing has not been revealed, the ¥5,999 price in China is equivalent to $937. Pop Mart has previously released smaller 400% versions of the Mega Space Molly figures, so our fingers are crossed they do the same with this Keith Haring edition.

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