King Janky The 8.5 ‘Swamp Gawd’ GID by Superplasitc

His royal jankiness returns to the mystery and voodoo of the bayou with the new King Janky The 8.5 ‘Swamp Gawd’ GID 3″ vinyl art toy form Superplastic. Embracing the dark arts and the glitz of Hollywood at the same time, Swamp Gawd features gold-tastic accents on a beige design. From the snake wrapped around the neck to the lit candles and skull voodoo wand, King Janky oozes flair.

Charged with inhuman energy, the pale green character glows an eerie green when the lights go out. Under his fierce skull mask, lies a fearful/sad king… What’s wrong your Jankiness? The new design follows the dark brown OG edition.

The King Janky The 8.5 ‘Swamp Gawd’ GID vinyl art toy (3″) is available for pre-order from Superplastic for $30. This one is slated to ship in January 2022.

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