Kit accelerates smart camera design

Design services company eInfochips offers a reference design kit based on Qualcomm’s QCS610 and QSC410 smart camera SoCs. Leveraging a reusable camera framework and Qualcomm’s Vision Intelligence Platform, the kit speeds the development and prototyping of vision-based intelligent, connected products.

The reference design kit is an off-the-shelf solution for original equipment manufacturers to jumpstart their camera projects. It supports all key camera functions, including camera settings, video settings, camera control (pan, tilt, and zoom), and configuration management.

Engineered specifically for smart camera applications, the QualComm octal-core QCS610 and quad-core QSC410 SoCs combine key features for building advanced vision-intelligence applications encompassing machine learning, edge computing, multimedia, sensor processing, and voice control. These fully integrated devices provide image signal processing, hardware-based security, video processing engine, audio codecs, and GPS, along with a wide variety of connectivity options including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet. On-device machine learning through the AI engine supports use cases, such as face detection, face recognition, object tracking, and people counting.

In addition to the reference design kit, eInfochips offers custom camera design services, including hardware design, firmware development, prototype, and manufacturing support. The company has enabled over 40 camera and video collaboration projects offering its multimedia expertise, in-house image tuning lab, and integration of voice assistants such as Alexa voice and Google Assistant.

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