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Orange you glad they made another Tigra?

Back in what has come to be called the “Dark Days” of Hasbro’s reign over Marvel Legends, a Tigra was made that featured all the pitfalls of those days, chief among them the hampered articulation. Kneebros and elbros all over the place, rendering this hip cat as articulate as a Kit Kat bar.

But the years have flown by, and here we are with another attempt at Tigra. While the differences between the two are vast and this one is a definite upgrade, there are still some hiccups.

When word of an impending Tigra hit, I was a little hesitant that they might go for one of her costumes that afforded more coverage, but thankfully she arrived in her trademark iconic black bikini. It’s a brand new sculpt, which means we’ve got pinless joints on this one. I’m not one for whom pinned figures has ever been a problem, but I will admit that the pinlessness of the arms and legs adds to the overall sleekness of this body. It might be one of the better overall proportioned body we’ve gotten, with some decent size to the limbs without going to far in one direction or the other. “Lithe” would be an apt descriptor for Tigra, and the body feels lithe.

There is some subtle fur sculpting on the shoulders, back of her forearms and above her knees to sell the idea of her being a cat lady without it being overdone. I’m not sure what that effect would have looked like if it had been over the entire body, but Tigra has always straddled the line of being a fur-covered cat lady without looking like The Beast, so subtlety was probably the best way to go here.

I will address the orange elephant in the room upfront: yes, she’s oranger than a classic Tigra should be. However, some of the oversaturated pictures that first hit the internet made her look almost radioactive. She is very orange, but it was far far better in hand than what I was expecting. She absolutely could stand to have a bit more yellow introduced into the orange than she has, but it’s not as face-meltingly orange as I was expecting.

For articulation, she has the aforementioned pinless double knees and elbows, and they do a great job. Double jointed female figures is becoming a new trend, and these do a great job of not feeling spindly or marionettey. The torso has a very effective wobble joint that allows a deep forward and backward crunch and full spin.

The neck and hips are the main articulation issues that get in the way of achieving some more cat-like poses. The ball joint in the neck gets some range, but I think it could have been seated so she could have gotten more backward movement than she currently gets. The hips essentially needed more clearance. Not a lot, but a little bit more would have helped her get into a tighter crouch.

The heads are fine if not as evocative as I think I’d like. The calm head is definitely a beautiful sculpt, but I tend to think of her as having a little more body in her hair. As is, this feels a little like she took a shower in Seinfeld’s low-flow shower. Needs more oomph. It’s not terrible by any means, though.

The alternate angry head has a little more personality, but still could use a little “more.” I think larger hair might have balanced out both heads when compared to her body. I can take or leave those stripes on her face. I think that’s a more modern detail, but they seem superfluous.

She comes with two sets of hands: fists and clawing hands. These are perfect options for this character.

The tail is a swivel, and removes easily, in case you want to depict her in her occasional tail-free look. It will leave a hole in her butt, but…I don’t know how to finish that sentence.

As I said, I had a few issues, but overall I like this figure a lot, and am much happier with it in hand than initial images were having me believe. I think seeing the oversaturated orange pictures before I had it in hand made me think it would be more of a miss than it actually was. She is definitely (at least in my opinion) a little too orange, but not as much as I was expecting, so in a way the relative overorange nature is a relief when compared to what she could have been, if that makes any damn sense at all. I think since the body exists now that a Tigra with maybe a more classic hairstyle and more yellow in the orange could easily be dropped into a wave somewhere.  

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