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Another PulseCon is in the books, and no matter the prevailing opinion of what was shown off in terms of new reveals last week, the post-show time frame is typical to already being “on to the next!”

I will admit, the Marvel team showed off some fun stuff during their PulseCon panel (dig those VHS tape boxes!), but it wasn’t a lot in terms of quantity. I think they tried to prepare us for that, and since they are so prolific with their Fan First presentations, I wasn’t really expecting a ton of stuff. So, even though there is some good stuff to bask in right now, I am being a typical collector and am already looking toward what might be next.

I realize that I have not done a Marvel Legends Top Ten list in a bit, and while I totally admit they are usually just exercises in person preference, they are kind of fun to do. I will say that, during the PulseCon reveals of characters like Knull, and teases for characters like Maggot, my Legends collection is getting more pointed. I have to admit that, for the most part, I am enjoying the Retro figures more than anything right now because they typically include characters and looks I am most interested in collecting. I was actually just as stoked for the Retro Scarlet Witch reveal as anything else, so I am feeling good about my ML focus, rather than being lost in getting everything.

So, I hope these continue on in as regular fashion as they have become. Honestly, I think I should get a medal just for not making this ALL about the Fantastic Four. I seriously could have done that so easily. However, since I just got my beloved team in this execution, and while the build-a-figure concept is not a part of this sub-line, I appreciate everything from the characters to the packaging. I will let the new F4 series bask for now. For the most part.

These releases have made me a more patient Legends collector as well, and I will ofter wait out versions of characters in the mainline that I might not be to my normal preference. That focus is going to keep me to a Retro list for this Top Ten, and since Wanda and Vision look so great in their presentation, there seems to be a bit of an Avengers focus this time around, but I actually really like this list. So here goes!

Honorable Mentions

Yes, I have two, and they are honorable mentions because I feel like I might be asking too much for these to be purely Retro releases, even if it they fit for the form perfectly. So, the honorable mentions belong to Power Man and Iron Fist. Sweet Christmas, we need their classic looks update in Marvel Legends. That is made even more apparent with Paul Harding’s “Marvel in the 70s” style coming into the line via various releases. I want these two BADLY, so I hope we get them in their iconic looks soon. Who knows? Maybe I am hedging too strongly and they are ripe for the Retro line, but we will see. I am ready to give you my money, honey.

Okay, on to the actual list:


This one seems the most obvious after all that talk about Wanda, yeah? Another member of the hilariously named “Family Matters” box set, Pietro is prime for a Retro release to join his sister. I am not asking for anything new here, really, just repaint that previous figure in green and we are good to go. I mean, if Hasbro wants to add a new head or something, I am all for it, but I am just as happy with the green version of that boxset release. I mean, it’s gotta happen, right?


Timing is important with releases like this as well, and I think that John Walker’s entry into the consciousness of the larger pop-culture audience makes him a prime choice. I hear you, we already have a classic US Agent figure in ML. We do, you are correct. However, and even though I don’t usually get too in a bunch about a body type being a bit off, that figure is totally the wrong body type. The “Bucky Cap” base is on its way out as it is, but for Walker, it was way too small to begin with. He should be a bigger than Steve, and I think every comic version of Steve Cap has been bigger than the Walker figure. Let’s get that cleaned up and get Walker back out there since he is now Jack Burton’s son.


Oh, here is another cool Disney+ show character who deserves a take on her classic look. Yes, we have a Monica figure, but it was a modern look in a box set that has gotten very scarce and pricy over the years. Frankly, when I think of Monica Rambeau/Photon, that Bronze Age look is the only version that enters my mind’s eye. Well, the live action Monica is cool now, too, but that is not for here. She has a crazy costume and an iconic look that comes from an age that is perfect for the Retro Series.


Hey, if we are going to get to one figure with crazy sleeves, we might as well get the other. You can blame that giant “West Coast Avengers” logo on the Scarlet Witch and Vision Retro cards for this, but it really is time. The modern take is fine, but even that figure is several years old at this point, and Bobbi is an essential member to build out that WCA line-up, which will be really fun to complete. Clint was a part of one of the early Retro Series, so let’s get Mockingbird to go with him.


We cannot have all of these heroes without a classic villain, right? The High Evolutionary and Psycho Man are on my brain since they just arrived in the F4 series, and the Count seems like a similar pick for another Retro Series. He has never been in ML before, so that is definitely a draw, he has been a villain to many classic characters, and honestly, his figure would not be too complicated to put together in terms of new parts. This would be a great character to add to the shelf because hey, evil will always triumph over good, because good is dumb.


Ooooo, if we are going to be assembling all of these classic characters in their classic looks, we need to put them all together and make them fight! Off to Battle World we go! The ML 3¾ has all kinds of Secret Wars nostalgia going for it, so let’s get some of that SW goodness in Retro Legends, too. Now, I get it, classic Beyonder has quite the costume, but I think we have more pieces already in the library that could be used for that, and it is a perfect look for this line. With some of the recent Retro Series figures we have gotten, coupled with entries on this list, I am totally ready for some Secret Wars battles, and you cannot have those without the Beyonder.


Poor, poor Simon. I mean COME ON. Yeah, the more modern Wonderman figure we got a bit ago was fine for that version. However, the only other WM in Legends was that awful TB version (that base body should have been shot into the sun), so this man is DUE. Again, Retro would be perfect for him (there is that WCA influence again), and honestly, I would be open to any of his classic looks. I know the safari jacket, and even the green version have their fans, but I have still never gotten that iconic outfit to my liking either, so let’s just pick one. The more plain classic look might be fun for this as it could include a standard head and an alternate mullet version, so maybe I am leaning that way now…


Doom? But he has had several figures recently, right? Heck, he even kicked off the Fantastic Four Retro series, right”? CORRECT. However, we can never have enough of DOOM, and personally, I think this version would be really, really fun. Not that Doom is interested in fun. Let’s get that Secret Wars version of Doom. You know, the one that could probably use a bit of Iron Man base pieces to build him? I mean, I have the Beyonder on this list already, so a Secret Wars Doom is just too good pass up. I know, this is probably more niche that most, but it is Dr. Doom for Pete’s sake, and this figure has the potential to be awesome and very unlike any other Doom in your Legends collection.


X-Men fans, please take your seat for just a moment. The X-Men have enjoyed some pretty intense and amazing focus in Marvel Legends as of late, but I am not talking about an X-Men Beast here. Don’t forget, he has been an Avenger, too. I almost did not include Beast because of his previous Retro figure, but yes, I know we got a grey version of Beast with a pretty great George Perez-inspired head, but that was technically an X-Men release. Let’s get a blue version of that figure, and it can even include that smiling head. Maybe we can get a new alternate version, maybe modeled directly from the “Night of the Beast” cover? If you are saying we have gotten a lot of Beast figures, I totally get it, and I agree, but this a mostly inexpensive entry for the list, and I still feel we do NOT have a proper Avengers Beast.


This one, this one is for me. Here is real talk: my biggest beef with Marvel Legends right now is that there are not more Inhumans in the line. We have been stuff on Black Bolt and Medusa for such a long time now, and frankly, that is a crime. I hate it. I want this to be corrected, and Crystal is a stand-in for all of them. And FRANKLY, this list could have been entirely made up of Fantastic Four adjacent characters. I am not being cute about that. I would die if the Legends team recreated that entire 90s Toy Biz series from start to finish. Yeah, characters like Dragon Man and Annihilus might be a stretch for a Retro release, but damn it – we could sub in Crystal and Karnak for those and then get ALL the main Inhumans (not named Lockjaw). When the Galactus HasLab campaign ended, the Legends team mentioned more associated characters getting released around when Galactus actually ships, so since Firelord and Terrax were in that old F4 line, maybe a second Retro line will be shipping then, so let’s at least get Crystal in there. She is a simple figure and waaaaaaay overdue in plastic in any form.

So, this is my list, and I am thinking I will probably dedicate a full feature to that old Fantastic Four line now, so maybe be on the lookout for that soon. I am all about the Retro Series now, so let’s keep it thriving. 

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