MATLAB and Simulink gain new tools

Release 2021b of MATLAB and Simulink from MathWorks adds the RF PCB and Signal Integrity toolboxes, along with hundreds of updates. R2021b also includes five major enhancements to the Symbolic Math Toolbox, Lidar Toolbox, and Simulink Control Design, and other products in the areas of deep learning, reinforcement learning, predictive maintenance, and statistics and machine learning.

The RF PCB Toolbox enables the design, analysis, and visualization of high-speed and RF multi-layer printed circuit boards. RF engineers can design components with parameterized or arbitrary geometry, including distributed passive structures such as traces, bends, and vias. Using the frequency-domain method of moments and other EM techniques, coupling, dispersion, and parasitic effects can be modeled. The toolbox supports ODB++ and databases from Cadence, Mentor, Altium, and Zuken.

The Signal Integrity Toolbox provides functions and apps for designing high-speed serial and parallel links. Users can generate experiments covering multiple parameters, extract design metrics, and visualize waveforms and results. The toolbox supports standard-compliant IBIS-AMI models for statistical and time-domain simulation to analyze equalization and clock recovery.

More information on all Release 2021b new products, enhancements, and bug fixes to the MATLAB and Simulink product families can be found using the link below.

Release 2021b highlights page


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