MCUs target IoT endpoint applications

Comprising nine 32-bit MCUs, the RA2E2 Group from Renesas offers very low power, an optimized set of peripherals, and space-saving packaging options. The devices, which are based on a 48-MHz Arm Cortex-M23 core, meet the demand for low-pin-count MCUs in IoT endpoint applications, including wearables, medical devices, appliances, and industrial automation.

The microcontrollers pack 16 KB to 64 KB of flash memory, along with 8 KB of SRAM, in packages ranging from a tiny 1.87×1.84-mm, 16-pin WLCSP to 20-pin and 24-pin QFN types. Offering extremely low power, the devices consume 81 µA/MHz in active mode with software standby current of only 200 nA with fast wakeup.

RA2E2 MCUs operate over a wide temperature range of -40°C to +125°C for use in harsh IoT environments. They support an I3C bus interface and provide such peripheral functions as an on-chip oscillator with ±1% accuracy, power-on-reset and low-voltage detector, EEPROM, 12-bit ADC, and temperature sensor. Security features include a cryptographic accelerator, true random number generator, and memory protection units.

The RA2E2 Group of MCUs is available now. To help engineers get started, Renesas offers a kit to evaluate the features of the RA2E2 and develop embedded systems applications using the Flexible Software Package of drivers and middleware.

RA2E2 product page

Renesas Electronics 

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