Most Popular Houseplants On Instagram in 2021

Whether you’re a first-time plant parent, or you frequently welcome new houseplants into your life, there’s a green companion for everyone. In a new study, has analyzed Instagram hashtags to find the most popular houseplant. Their research looked at 50 different houseplants and how many hashtags each one had on Instagram. They then ranked them based on the highest number of posts.

From ever-popular picks to the rising stars of the houseplant world, consider these popular Instagram-approved species for your next buy.

A great “entry-level” houseplant that requires little maintenance and basically thrives on neglect is a cactus, with some variety being able to live for up to two years without any water. Thanks to its durability and its ability to look fantastic in any design aesthetic, cacti are an ever-popular pick among the Instagram crowd—the hashtag #cactus has over 18 million posts.

Coming up in second place is aloe vera, with 4.4 million posts. A win-win all-around, not only do aloe vera plants look great and demand little attention, but they’re also a firm favorite among DIY skincare advocates. They moisturize, soothe sunburn, and can reduce the signs of aging.

In third place are monstera plants, with the #monstera hashtag containing over 2.7 million posts. This Instagrammable houseplant is drought-tolerant and can thrive in low levels of light. Plus, Swiss cheese plants are one of the most effective for reducing air pollution. Get your own for less than $15 at Trader Joe’s.

Other popular houseplants on Instagram include philodendron (1,702,614 posts), eucalyptus (1,661,163 posts), begonia (740,646 posts), air plant (704,610), calathea (685,058 posts), anthurium (659,442 posts), and Pothos (653,636 posts).

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