Sentons brings ultrasonic touch to wearables

The SNT8250 processor and accompanying gesture engine from Sentons makes the tiniest device surface touch- and force-interactive. Based on the company’s Software-Defined Surfaces (SDS) ultrasonic touch technology, the SDSwave processor and gesture engine can be used in wearables, such as glasses, earbuds, watches, and fitness trackers, to create virtual controls to navigate apps and features on the devices themselves.

SDSwave products can create smart interfaces out of surfaces of any curve, shape, material, and size. These wearable solutions transform the entire device into a force-sensitive touch interface that is able to recognize and distinguish gestures, all at different speed and pressure levels. And they do so without compromising battery longevity or sleek design aesthetics. The SNT8255 processor consumes 20 µW in standby mode and 80 µW in operating mode. Haptics triggering is available with the SDSwave sensor module.

The SNT8255 is the latest addition to Sentons’ suite of ultrasonic SDSwave solutions and is an extension of the company’s mobile platform, which includes the SDS CameraBar and SDS GamingBar. Sentons is currently in collaboration with top wearable device makers in the U.S. Developers interested in implementing Sentons’ technology in their products can request a demonstration on the product page below.

SDSwave product page


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