ST expands STM32 MCU ecosystem

To accelerate development with the latest STM32U5 MCUs, ST offers new STM32Cube software packs and tools, along with evaluation boards. The STM32U575 and STM32U585 microcontrollers are based on an Arm Cortex-M33 core and combine security and power savings with up to 2 MB of on-chip flash memory. Aimed at smart, connected consumer products, the 40-nm MCUs boast dynamic power of less than 19 µA/MHz.

The STM32CubeU5 enablement ecosystem for the STM32U5 MCUs comprises more than 200 project examples and applications to help exercise MCU functions. Middleware components include Azure RTOS, FileX/LevelX, ThreadX, NetX Duo, USB Power Delivery, TF M, mbed-crypto, Touch library, Network library, and OpenBootloader. Also available is the X-Cube-STL self-test library and software packages that simplify cybersecurity.

Hardware kits for the MCUs include the $65 Discovery kit for IoT node (B-U585I-IOT02A), which contains BLE and Wi-Fi modules. For $23, the Nucleo-U575ZI-Q Nucleo-144 board provides a flexible launchpad for prototyping and allows unlimited expansion. The full-featured STM32U575I-EV evaluation kit is available for $348.

Prices for STM32U5 MCUs start at $3.60 in various packages, such as a 4.2×3.95-mm WLCSP and 7×7-mm UQFN48 and UFBGA169.

STM32U5 MCU product page


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