Super Pop by Fools Paradise

Fools Paradise turns its attention to two legendary icons with its Super Pop vinyl art toy set featuring stylized takes on Andy Warhol, the father of pop art, and Marilyn Monroe, the quintessential Hollywood beauty. While perhaps not intentional given development times, the release lines up nicely with the recent 195 million dollar record-breaking sale of Warhol’s Shot Stage Blue Marilyn (1964).

The Warhol figure blends the late artist’s identity with Fools Paradise’s recurring Mario/Leon-inspired character. The reference to Warhol is fairly unmistakable with the distinctly styled white hair, white sun glasses and striped shirt. The banana and Campbell’s-style tomato soup, fun reminders of the artist’s enduring legacy, leave no doubt as to the character’s identity. The carnivorous tomato emerging from the soup can recalling the Piranha Plant and the overall appearance of the character tie back to the brand’s previous ‘Super’ Mario Brothers inspired sets.

The Marilyn figure recreates the actress’s unforgettable ‘flying skirt’ pose. Unlike the Warhol treatment, the design is fairly straightforward and doesn’t seem to rely on much of Fools Paradise’s ‘Super’ design elements. The pair work well together — instantly recognizable to nearly all with a few fun references for Fools Paradise collectors.

A made-to-order edition of no more than 499, the Super Pop vinyl art toy set (Leon/Andy: 13.46″, Princess/Marilyn: 14.25″) is available for pre-order from Fools Paradise for $450 (global shipping included). The set is expected to ship in Q2 2023.

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