Takashi Murakami Integrates Physical Art and NFTs with ‘An Arrow Though History’

For his recently opened An Arrow Through History exhibition at Gagosian in New York, renowned Japanese artist Takashi Murakami has integrated his new collection of physical art and NFT projects. The exhibition features several bodies of work including a new series of hand-painted, physical paintings and sculptures based on his Clone X NFT projected created in collaboration with RTFKT Studios.

As the title suggests, Murakami connects early art traditions with contemporary modern practice including the cutting-edge world of NFTs. Spanning Gagosian’s 976 and 980 Madison Avenue spaces, the new work includes a series of blue-on-white paintings inspired by an ancient Yuan Dynasty vase, the Clone X-based collection and another collection based on his upcoming pixel-centric Murakami Flowers NFT project.

A pioneering force in contemporary art, Murakami first transformed the art world with his Superflat aesthetic featuring ‘flat’ anime and manga-inspired imagery without depth or perspective. With this new show, he surveys new ground by blurring the line between fine art hanging in galleries and the wildly popular NFT digital art phenomena. Flowing out of his practice of approaching analog and digital projects with the same creative approach, the exhibition treats the much-hyped rise of NFTs and the Metaverse not as disruptive per se but integrative and perhaps transformative. As the artist mentions in the Gagosian press release, “When I work on a creative production, I make no distinction between digital and analog. I’m always working in the context of contemporary art, and that contest is all about whether I can be involved in events that manage to trigger a cognitive revolution.”

Beyond the NFT-inspired works, the presentation of An Arrow Through History embraces digital technology in the form of virtual and artificial reality. In collaboration with RTFKT and Oncyber, the entire exhibit is available virtually through Gagosian.com or a VR headset for worldwide access. Additionally, visitors to the galleries can use custom Snapchat Lenses to bring Murakami’s art work to animated life.

Takashi Murakami||An Arrow Through History
May 11 through June 25, 2022
Gagosian New York
976 and 980 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10075

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