The Biggest Living Room Trends to Look Out For in 2022, According to Designers

No one can predict what the future will hold, but designers do have a pretty strong sense of what to expect when it comes to trends that will be making waves in living rooms come 2022. I spoke with nine design pros, who each chimed in regarding the looks and techniques you’ll definitely want to consider incorporating for an on-trend living space next year.

Curvy and organic-shaped furniture

“I think this is a natural evolution from the current mid-century modern revival trend that introduced us to iconic sinuous pieces such as Jacobsen’s Egg Chair. We are now going to see Vladimir Kagan-inspired curvilinear sofas.” —Designer Charles Almonte, founder of Charles Almonte Architecture and Interior Design in Silver Spring, Maryland

Multifunctional, airy spaces

“There’s been so much focus on health and well-being that I think our homes will continue to reflect that in the use of natural materials, plants — and, generally [designing] light and airy spaces. And, because we’ve been home more than ever before, multifunctional spaces are key to handling the myriad of activities we do at home these days.” —Designer Maryline Damour, principal at Damour Drake LLC in Kingston, New York

Bringing the outdoors in with natural touches

“After being cooped up in our homes during the pandemic, I think we will see more of the ‘bringing the outdoors in’ concept. Large living room doors, windows, or panoramic doors will be a consideration for interior architects.” —Designer Charles Almonte

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