The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, and Just About Everyone Else in Hollywood Are Crushing Velvet Suits

And even if, these days, The Rock and Ryan Reynolds have officially put us on, uh, Red Notice, the fact that two of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars wore velvet to the same premiere (on purpose!) only confirms the soft-to-the-touch wave. Daniel Craig, Jonathan Majors, and Jeffrey Wright all sported velvet at the Bond premiere back in September. In just the last few weeks, we’ve seen Penn Badgley in a merlot-hued suit on Jimmy Kimmel, Wes Anderson in cocoa brown at The French Dispatch premiere, and freakin’ Prince William in an emerald number…with a turtleneck.

That’s the thing: the formula is simple, but the options are somehow endless. When it comes to velvet, color seems like it should be vaguely edible, mineral, or otherwise botanical in nature—raspberry, salmon, sapphire, ruby, forest, sage. You can take it easy with just a colorful jacket, like Craig at the Bond premiere, or go all-in with a three-piece suit, like Reynolds last night. Ties, socks, and top buttons optional. After that, you’ve just got to find a red carpet to stand on. (Oh, right—bonus points if you match the red carpet!)

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