Toy Run Tuesday #117 – Arizona Toy Shows

Good afternoon, toy runners! I have a few exciting photos for you to feast your eyes upon today. I was able to attend not one, but TWO toy shows in the Phoenix area this weekend. I also received my exclusive Emperor deluxe set. What did you get this week? Leave a comment here.


I enjoy toy shows, and I’m really glad they’ve started up again around here. I attended the Epic Toy Show and the Arizona Toy Show in Phoenix and Glendale respectively. The following photos are from the Arizona Toy Show. Both were definitely worth attending, although I didn’t really walk away with much. Much of the fun I have comes from looking at all the toys I didn’t know existed and interacting with other local collectors.

The prices on TVC carded from the first run are insane. I’m not sure that was a real Vlix, but I’m not very well versed in vintage figures. If you attended either of these toy shows and saw someone walking around in a full Endor rebel soldier costume, that was me.

I realized I didn’t take a picture of the Emperor deluxe exclusive set I got, but you can see our review of that set here.

Lastly I just wanted to share a picture of my Halo shelf. I updated the diorama and stood the several figures that had fallen… It was a messy shelf.

Thanks for reading! Please show me in the comments how your week in Star Wars went!

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