Vibration monitoring sensors are self-powered

The Fluke 3562 screening vibration sensor system boasts batteryless operation using thermoelectric or photovoltaic energy harvesters. Comprising hardware, software, and service, the system allows machine condition monitoring that is scalable to as many as 1000 wireless vibration sensors per gateway.

Fluke’s system employs Everactive’s Edge technology, which leverages proprietary low-power semiconductors that draw all required energy from a machine’s heat or the light in the room using thermoelectric or photovoltaic energy harvesters. Using this technology, the 3562 sensors can generate enough power from small amounts of harvested energy to continuously measure, process, and wirelessly transmit equipment and infrastructure health data from a wide range of industrial assets.

The system also uses Everactive’s sub-GHz radio communication protocol that allows up to 1000 sensors to communicate with a single gateway up to 800 feet away. Triple network capabilities for Wi-Fi, LTE, and Ethernet help extend always-on monitoring, while Live-Asset portal software lets users visualize trend data and set custom trigger alert notifications.

The Fluke 3562 screening vibration sensor kit comes with 16 vibration sensors, 16 thermoelectric harvesters, 16 1-ft USB-C 3.1 MTS cables, a wireless gateway, 2 gateway antennas, 16 sensor software subscriptions, an LTE wand, and remote onboarding services. Kits are also available with 8 or 32 vibration sensors. Outdoor photovoltaic harvesters are sold separately.

Fluke 3562 product page

Fluke Reliability

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