Welcoming and Warm Christmas Mantel

For me, the end of Halloween marks the beginning of Winter. Prior to adopting Cope, it was a Halloween tradition for Jose and me to set up our Christmas tree on Halloween. I don’t plan to go Full Christmas just yet, but I am starting to incorporate winter and transitional decor into our home. (EDIT: since writing this blog post I have indeed…gone full Christmas) I am also just so excited to share some winter and Christmas inspiration with all of you. As winter is the coziest of seasons, after all. Today I am sharing a Welcoming and Warm Christmas Mantel.

For this first mantel styling of the season, I wanted to keep it classic cozy, welcoming, and warm. I gathered up some of my favorite White and Natural Christmas Decor for a mantel that turned out to be a little feminine. I just love how it looks with the antique wooden mantel

To shop for your own Welcoming and Warm Christmas Mantel, click the images below:

Other Sources:

Beaded Wood Garland: Grey Apple Market

Rustic Bells: Grey Apple Market

Christmas Trees: Antique

Paper Wreath: Ballard Designs (Sold Out)

Looking to see how I’ve styled our home for winter in the past? Click here [HERE]. For more winter inspiration and cozy winter tips, check out my new book Cozy White Cottage Seasons releasing to bookshelves on November 23rd!

What do you think of this first mantel styling for the Christmas Season? When do you start decorating for Christmas? I would love to hear on Facebook or Instagram. Thanks for stopping by the blog today and every day!

xx Liz Marie

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