What’s in Angie Myung of Poketo’s Holiday Shopping Cart

Angie Myung is the co-founder and chief creative officer of Poketo (@poketo) – the cult-favorite lifestyle brand behind technicolored paper goods, homewares, and lifestyle objects that make functional fun. Myung and her husband, Ted Vadakan, founded Poketo back in 2003, with the goal to create design-driven goods that infuse art and design into every day and help cultivate a creative lifestyle. The brand has two LA-based retail locations in Downtown LA and Little Tokyo, where they regularly host art exhibitions, workshops, and other events designed to serve their local community of creatives. Most recently, Myung and Vadakan published their debut book, CREATIVE SPACES, a celebration of creatives, their works, and their spaces.

Aside from being practical objects you’ll reach for every day, Poketo goods are beloved for their bold and playful prints that bring eye-catching colors to your space – putting them at the top of our holiday wish lists this season.

But what’s on Angie’s holiday wish list? Read on to see the holiday gifts the Poketo co-founder is eyeing this Christmas season and keep an eye on our Instagram as we get closer to Christmas for an extra-special giveaway! And as you get started on your holiday shopping, remember that you can always find Poketo products in the Design Milk Shop. Now onto Angie’s shopping cart!

Bamboo Dining Collection by Poketo

“Really into all our tabletop items from bamboo dinner and salad plates, to bowls, coasters, and glass straws. We seriously bring all our bamboo ware to picnics and camping trips and see all our friends bring our bamboo tabletop wares, too. They’re light, unbreakable, and good for the environment because they’re made with bamboo and cornstarch and not plastic or melamine.”

$14 – 48

Bento Boxes by Takenaka Bento Boxes

Bento Boxes by Takenaka Bento Boxes

“As a home cook, I tend to bring my lunches to work, and the Takenaka Bento Boxes have never failed me. They’re safe for the microwave and freezer. Even with soupy things, I haven’t had any spillages, and they’re cute enough to leave on your desk. So much better than the boring tupperware.”

$30 – 38

4 Piece Modern Knife Set by Hast Knives

4 Piece Modern Knife Set by Hast Knives

“You can never have too many quality knives. These Hast Knives look cool and seem to have a comfortable handle, made with Japanese blades, which are my favorite. Just make sure to keep them sharp by purchasing a nice stone sharpener.”

$366 – 426

Handmade Acacia Wood Serving Board - Set of 2 by Casa Amarosa

Handmade Acacia Wood Serving Board – Set of 2 by Casa Amarosa

“These serving boards by Casa Amarosa are perfect cheese boards and eye-catching cutting boards. They look cool on your kitchen countertop and are made with quality solid wood, too.”


Japanese Cast Iron Oven Pot by Vermicular

Japanese Cast Iron Oven Pot by Vermicular

“As an avid home cook, you also can never have enough quality cast iron cookware. Easy to clean and big enough to feed a troop.”


Alexa is commerce editor at Design Milk. She lives in Miami, Florida with her fiancé Alex and retired greyhound, Phoebe. A longtime art and design enthusiast, Alexa’s first stops in any new city are the art museums. When she’s not writing about her favorite DM shop picks, she might be buried in a book, binging reality tv or adventuring around her city with her partner and pup.

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